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Core Value: SAFETY


Safety should be your #1 priority in the construction industry, especially when you’re at the job site. You must be on the lookout for anything that can cause an accident and be quick on your toes if something does happen.

In a recent study conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 937 construction workers were killed in 2015. Which means 18 workers per week went to work and did not return home, leaving behind their spouses, children, parents, siblings and their dogs.

Therefore, we made Safety one of core values and we enforce it as much as we can. so that our Team Members are able to go home every day after work.

“Safety is the most important core value for me. Safety is always #1. I need my guys to be as safe as possible, so the job can continue on track. If they were getting hurt, production would get hurt and not as much would get done. Roofing is the most dangerous industry in construction and as the roofing project manager it’s extremely important to me that my guys go home safe every day.”

Nacho Garza

Project Manager

As project managers, we need to utilize the “Countdown to Safety” program so that all of our Team Members are aware of their surroundings and are keeping an eye out for potential life threatening situations at the job site. The countdown consist of the following:

  • Take “5” and look around.
  • Focus on the top “4” construction killers. (Falls, Struck by incident, Electrocution, and Being caught in or between an object)
  • Ask yourself “3” simple questions: What am I about to do?
  • How can it hurt me or someone else? What am I going to do to prevent it?
  • Remember “2” keep your mind on task, eyes on hands.
  • It only takes “1” – you – to make a difference.

Keeping workers safe provides an added benefit not only for the company, but for everyone that is involved.  

Remember always wear your safety gear and take a look at your surroundings!