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Team Building

On Fridays We BowlBack Row- Front Row: Allan Manalo, Bernard Diaz, Nacho Garza, David Velez, Mike Green, Jeff Radzinski, Heriberto Soto, Scott Ferris, Hoyt Philipp, Stacey Dewey, Maggie Sanchez, Ruby Chen, Daisy Ortiz, David Weber, Pat Falconio Behind a companies...

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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Everyone!! We had our 2nd annual Halloween Potluck and pumpkin 🎃 carving competition. Daisy Ortiz took the prize for the pumpkin carving. Great Job Daisy! and Thank you Bernard Diaz and Stacey Dewey for dressing up and keeping the Halloween...

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Giving back to our Customers One thing we Value the most is our Customers. So when IEC (Interstate Equities Corporation) asked us for some help we rushed into action and showed our appreciation to them by donating gift cards to their company event. Thank you David...

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