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Great job Team in dressing up and sharing your Most Scary Holiday Spirit with everyone at IQV Construction & Roofing.

We had a lot of good food, bad jokes (if you visit our Facebook, you can see and have a little laugh), and a pumpkin carving competition, while we hanged out with our Team Members and relax for the day.


In our Pumpkin Competition, we had a couple good pumpkins that we couldn’t pick just one two take the prize

Maggie Sanchez and Daisy Ortiz tied in our Pumpkin Carving competition:


Maggie’s Pumpkin

Daisy’s Pumpkin


Thank you to our Team Members that went out of their way and came dresses up to our party:

Maggie Sanchez – Bunny

Daisy Ortiz – Police Officer

Stacey Dewey – Panda

David Fritz – Prisoner

Hoyt Philipp – Bunny